The Blue Virgin is a large-scale short adventure film directed by Tim Klok based on my screenplay, shot entirely in the south of France, including at Mont Ventoux.

Short film
34 minuten
Released in 2018
  • Written by Joeri Pruys
  • Directed by Tim Klok
  • Starring Pierre Bokma, Sytske van der Ster, Léonard Barkley, Tatiana Chiline
  • Camera Ewoud Bon
  • Produced by Joeri Pruys, Puck Mickers, Carl van de Wetering, Tim Klok and Ewoud Bon

The sixties. Thomas (Pierre Bokma), rich and distinguished, treats his beautiful young wife Nathalie (Sytske van der Ster) to a trip to sunny France. When Nathalie suddenly disappears in a medieval village, he offers the locals his fortune to find her. But he discovers that they have used his money to finance their religious war. Thomas is given the choice to join their army or never see Nathalie again.