The former Ministry of Social Affairs (‘Sociale Zaken’), Herman Hertzberger’s iconic building, is on the verge of being demolished. In the meantime the building is used for flexible working and living. Time to tell the story about the present, past and future of an architectural masterpiece.

55 minutes
In production
  • Written and directed by Joeri Pruys
  • Camera Ewoud Bon
  • Produced by Rainproof Media (Joeri Pruys, Ewoud Bon) and PitZtop (Emmylou Aben)

The project ‘Social Affairs’ consists of two parts. First, we are creating an urgent, intimate documentary consisting of a series of portraits of current temporary users of the building, former users, stakeholders from the municipality of The Hague and Herman Hertzberger himself. Stories from all kinds of perspectives, stories that show how difficult it is to know what the best choice is for everyone.

Second, we are creating an impact program around a multi-voiced series of conversations between, those directly impacted. We will reflect on the pros and cons of making work and living more flexible, and the relationship this has with the built environment and with urban development.