De Blauwe Maagd wint prijzen in Middelburg

Afgelopen weekend viel De Blauwe Maagd, de korte film die ik heb geschreven en mede geproduceerd, in de prijzen op het International Short Film Festival Middelburg. De film kreeg de publieksprijs voor beste Nederlandse korte film en Pierre Bokma de prijs voor beste Nederlandse acteur. Samen met regisseur Tim Klok en actrice Sytske van der Ster nam ik de prijzen in ontvangst. De competitie van de eerste editie van het International Short Film Festival telde 43 films, geselecteerd uit bijna 500 inzendingen.

Op het festival viel de film op door zijn schaal, ambitie en emotionele ontknoping, wat het publiek beloonde met de prijs voor beste Nederlandse korte film. Pierre Bokma maakte in zijn rol als Thomas indruk op de vakjury, bestaande uit Peter Alderliesten (editor), Roos Jeroense (producent) en Bülent Ostürk (regisseur), en kreeg daarvoor de juryprijs voor beste Nederlandse acteur.

De film, die volledig onafhankelijk geproduceerd is door VandePunt Filmproducties, is ook geselecteerd voor het Midwest Action Fest in de Verenigde Staten, dat op 19 en 20 april gehouden wordt. Daarnaast wordt de film via een tour langs filmhuizen en theaters door de makers zelf naar het publiek gebracht in een programma met behind-the-scenes-materiaal en een nagesprek.

Op en de Facebook-pagina van De Blauwe Maagd ( worden de haltes op de filmhuistour en festivalvertoningen regelmatig aangekondigd.

De Blauwe Maagd, starring Pierre Bokma, is a wrap!

The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd), the short film I wrote and am producing, is wrapped! That means all footage of the film is shot, and we can move into post-production: editing, visual effects, colour grading and of course composing and recording the music score.

20170626_084101 (1)

pierre-bokmaThe Blue Virgin is an international short film drama with black-comedy undertones directed by fresh, exciting Dutch talent Tim Klok and starring Pierre Bokma, one of the Netherlands greatest actors, and prominent acting talent Sytske van der Ster.

The story revolves around Thomas, an extremely wealthy man. When his beautiful wife is kidnapped on a holiday in the south of France, he tries to buy her back with his fortune. But this causes him to get entangled in a centuries-old feud, that is being fought in true medieval fashion: until death.

The film was shot entirely on location, in the existing French village of Montbrun-les-Bains and on the top of the nearby Mont Ventoux, and produced by Tim and me, in addition to Dutch producers Carl van de Wetering and Puck Mickers, strong new voices in the Dutch film world, and Ewoud Bon, who was also the Director of Photography on the film.


Introducing Naked Pictures, a new Dutch film production company


Exciting times ahead: Together with producer and cameraman Ewoud Bon, I am starting a new film production company: Naked Pictures. Ewoud and I announced this a couple of days ago, at the premiere of our first joint production, the short film Habitat that I wrote and directed, in Filmtheater Kriterion Amsterdam. Naked Pictures will be engaged in the production of feature films, series, short films and documentaries with a focus on creative audacity and thorough script development. Some of our upcoming projects were announced during the premiere of Habitat: a TV series, a documentary and three feature films including a book adaptation.

You can read our entire announcement here.

Production update May 2016

HoopThe last couple of months, many of the projects I work on took big steps forward. Below is a short update on what I have been keeping myself busy with.

Rotterdam, I Love You

Rotterdam, I Love You logoIt was again a great period for project Rotterdam, I Love Youan urban movement with a feature film at its core, proudly celebrating this city’s creativity, diversity and love. We are now in the process of selecting the eleven directors who will each create one of the eleven stories we will be telling in the feature film – so we’re in a very important and exciting phase of the project. We are talking and reaching out to an exciting shortlist of prominent directors from the UK, Germany, Italy, China, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and many more countries. We will start announcing the first names soon.

31 May: knowledge session Out-of-the-box Film Production 

Facebook-event-page-coverOne of the main goals we have with Rotterdam, I Love You is to elevate the Rotterdam film sector in a huge way. We do this in several ways, one of which is organizing cool events with our partners. On 31 May one of these activities is taking place: an interactive in-depth knowledge session about Out-of-the-box Film Production:

You have a plan for a wonderful, special film. But you have no money, a network that is too small, and hardly a track record with the traditional funds. How do you make sure your film gets made anyway? Matt Jaems and Joeri Pruys (Rotterdam, I Love You) talk with multiple guests how to produce ‘out of the box’. With stories from the trenches, tips and lots of room for your questions and input. The session is being co-hosted by 48 Hour Rotterdam. After the session FOCUS 010 hosts a networking borrel.

There are still (free!) tickets left, so if you are a Dutch filmmaker, be sure to reserve a ticket by emailing to

Interviews for Algemeen Dagblad and RTV Rijnmond

AD-articleNational newspaper Algemeen Dagblad wrote an extensive article on the resurrection of the Rotterdam film sector. I was interviewed on behalf of Rotterdam, I Love You alongside our partners HotelRebel, 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam, and the Rotterdam Film Commissioner. AD sees our collective efforts to invite filmmakers and big productions to Rotterdam as the driving force behind a newly vitalized film sector. Read an English translation here:

In the wake of such great exposure for Rotterdam, I Love You, I was also interviewed by prominent Rotterdam radio station Radio Rijnmond about the project. We spoke about all the ways we involve the entire city in the process of telling the true stories or Rotterdam to the world. Listen to the (Dutch) interview here:

Habitat: last phase of post-production

A project that was seemingly eternally in gestation is now almost ready for release: the short film Habitat I wrote and directed, and produced together with Ewoud Bon (who was also the film’s Director of Photograpy). The premiere date is almost set and will be announced shortly!

De Blauwe Maagd

The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd), the short film I wrote, is being pre-produced by a great, ever expanding team of professional and passionate filmmakers. I’m looking forward to the shoot in France this fall. The photo below shows the development of the storyboard. Want to stay updated? Like our Facebook page!

There are many other projects moving forwards as well (including a documentary I am producing and directing). I will probably give you some more details in the next update!